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Aamar Khwaja

Aamar Khwaja


A foodie with a fiduciary mind, I am the Founder of Modgarden, a solution to our degraded food supply by returning food production to its core, for those seeking healthier lifestyle choices. I’m also a nutritionist and a healthcare advocate paving the way for a new paradigm in thinking and solutions as it relates to food, environment, and lifestyle.

Once a Wall Street banker, now an entrepreneur, single dad, and a passionate believer in the power of home-grown organic food to change your health and the world around you.

The sum of our many paths converges to bring us to who we are today. One of my early paths started with being sick.

Why am I in Health

As innocuous as my headaches and dry skin were in my early years they turned into full-blown migraines and severe eczema, that needed strong prescriptions by the time I reached Wall Street.

Add to this my attempts at suicide after my mother’s passing when I was 13. This lasted an unbearable number of years. I was drowning. Unable to cope, nor confide in anyone I faced little choice but to muddle on, without necessarily addressing the issues.

All my physical ailments and my mind/emotional health were a cry by my body that something was wrong. Of course most people, myself included, either will ignore this or ‘pop a pill’. That’s the culture we come from. It was “normal” to live like this, but awareness and empathy are growing in leaps and bounds with a lot of solutions and support tools available today.

My journey to exceptional health today is a testament to solving my suffering from chronic illness. It started with supplements but ended up with food. There's a place for both.

My Work Is through Food....not mounds of supplements.

I work holistically. This simply means I look at the whole of you. I also don't swarm you with supplements. In my opinion, they are to be used extremely limitedly till your body gets on track.

There are some you may need all the time. But those depend on where you spend most of your time (your environment), what you eat (are there offending ingredients in your food), and if you're keeping your stress under control.

My Journey Back to Health

I'll also look at your environment, and your genes. Genes are expressed through food and can change for the better with good food and good surroundings. 

What you get when you work with me, not limited to

  • You will be understood for where you are today and why.
  • We will look at your quantum body.
  • I won't leave your side and will support your journey through health.

We will use metrics. An objective, before and after picture.

I’m here on an exclusive basis as part of a request from your doctor to help you. It all begins with the space we/I create for you.

My training is from NYU/Wharton/Penn Engineering and Holistic Nutrition.

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