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Struggling with depression or anxiety can feel like walking through a never-ending night. At our Center For Integrative Psychiatry, we light the path to a brighter tomorrow. Under the guidance of Dr. Tahir Khwaja, our team offers a beacon of hope and expert care for those seeking relief and recovery from depression and anxiety or any mental health behavioral disorder.

We’re right here in Coppell, but we know life’s busy. So whether you’re Googling depression help near me after a tough day or seeking anxiety and depression therapy online from the comfort of your home, we’re just a click or a short drive away.

Services We Offer

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS therapy is a safe, effective treatment for depression without the side effects medication can have. It is considered to activate brain regions that are less active in depression.


SPRAVATO / Esketamine is a ground-breaking treatment for major depression. Esketamine is a nasal spray that is prescribed to treat treatment-resistant depression.


Telehealth and telemedicine services cover online counseling and psychiatry for those of our patients who live outside of Dallas.

Insurance We Accept and Cash-Pay

We accept all major insurance plans, and we also accept cash-pay if you want to inquire about it give us a call.
Our initial consultation charges are starting from $300 and the follow-ups are $175.


Chris Manning
Chris Manning
Received this treatment starting in 8/9 and finished 36 sessions on 9/29. Fortunately I never missed an appointment and consider that important to get the full benefit of this treatment . The benefits are significant and began yo notice after the 5th session . The first noticeable result is the depth and quality of sleep. There was never an interruption in sleep quality during the treatment period. Then it seemed like the events which would sometimes stop me in my tracks started to have less impact . Soon thereafter it was noticeable that I could overcome difficulties with ease and I could produce genuine solutions with great swiftness. All told this treatment didn't change anything as much as it resurrected my sense of optimism and "can do" not unlike when I was 20. It's real and it's noticeable early on snd remains throughout the treatment period - I have little doubt this will last a long time . One final note - my TMS tech, Abdullah was excellent . He made sure I was prepped with care and concern each session. He was responsive and alert to all the goings on - not just impressive I think he made a real difference in the success of the treatments . He's easy to trust and that matters . Thanks to Dr Khwaja for such a professional solution and letting me participate . It's making a huge difference If you are struggling with motivation or confidence and tend to depression this treatment is well worth considering. The results are real and noticeable - my confidence and motivation have been rebooted and I couldn't be more grateful. Thanks for TMS - if you're looking for a way to move forward without drugs and other therapies this is it.
Zeeshan Shaikh
Zeeshan Shaikh
Dr. Khwaja has the best bedside manners and is very knowledgeable. Also, Abdullah Khwaja is a pleasure to be around. Keep up the great work!!!
C Jeffus
C Jeffus
For anyone thinking of TMS treatment, I highly recommend this center. Dr. Tajir and the entire staff have been amazing. The scheduling, communication, and insurance handling is all top notch. Regarding TMS, meeting frequently with Abdullah Khwaja, the TMS Technician, is a very positive experience. He is very kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, caring and just a pleasure to be around. This makes the commitment of your time for TMS a lot easier.
Naturally Adrienne
Naturally Adrienne
Dr. Khwaja is a godsend. I saw several psychiatrists before coming to his office who all just wanted to give me some pills and send me home. But Dr. Khwaja listened intently and used his vast knowledge of both pharmaceutical and holistic treatment options to help me find a natural solution that addressed my needs. He monitored me regularly and helped me make adjustments as needed to ensure I was getting the best possible results with the least invasive, lowest effective dose treatments. I was struggling when I arrived, and now I feel like my healthy self again without worrying about the wide range of side effects from pharmaceutical meds.
Pat Viveros
Pat Viveros
This treatment completely erased my 3-year depression.
Dear Dr Khwaja, Your TMS program is quite incredible indeed. First, the Managers of the TMS implementation (Abdullah and Justin) do a masterful job in keeping one comfortable and on target. Second, the benefits of TMS becomes apparent early on. Third, with all the Insurance paperwork completely handled; it's worry free from a monetary standpoint. My focus and clarity of thought has been noticeably improved from my work with Integrative Psychiatry. For improvement in one's ability to think more clearly and with less "noise", everyone should check out TMS from Integrative Psychiatry. Sincerely, SF
Mitzi Markum
Mitzi Markum
I have known Dr. Khwaja for over ten years. He is an exceptional psychiatrist who truly stands apart from his peers. His demeanor and approach to mental health puts people at ease and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. Dr. Khwaja maintains a perfect balance of professionalism and compassion that is a rare combination in the field.
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Anika Munshi
Anika Munshi

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Aamar Khwaja

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